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it's layne! it's ev!

trixie shows off her fab offspring

yantra favors a team approach

sherry is entirely too happy

here's edie hard at work

soulmine kicks back & shows off her breastmilk tank

coleen sez, I'll see your tank & raise you one toddler...

sherry's not going to take it anymore

here's bruja with baby Bishop,
and underneath their sweet exterior,
they're not actually going to take it anymore either

that goes double for dorie & Maceo, so watch out

life is good on suess's couch

here at the hall of justice, the super mods kick back & relax...

here's suess, deep in thought

tracey strikes a casual pose

now it's Ike's turn to play it cool (before & after, eh?)

here's coleen & ethan, hangin at the Kmart (with Liam & Julie & the invisible Nate)

ethan is the king of all he sees...

ethan is also the devil

nikki, reflecting on a can of whoop ass well spent

here's jennifer in her natural habitat

bee and... you know