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Welcome to Soapgrrls! Featuring soap for goddesses great and small.

my friends, we're back and we're making soap like mad to fill your holiday gift orders!

New & fabulous stuff!!!

*(I'm Your) Venus of Willendorf - 3 and a half ounces of ancient goddess, available in lime, lavender, patchouli, lavender & orange, orange, rosemary, rose & geranium, sandalwood, or vanilla, with or without the addition of milk & honey: $4

*Breakfast on the Granola Farm - milk, honey, oats, lavender & patchouli in a simple bar, bring your own spoon: large, $5, small $3

*Love & Friendship Bar - a creamy vanilla soap in the shape of a lovely Celtic claddagh, for a sweet treat; also available in lime, lavender, patchouli, lavender & orange, orange, rosemary, rose & geranium, sandalwood, and with or without milk, oats, or honey: $4

*Cafe Latte - milk, honey & coarsley ground espresso beans in a simple bar: large, $5, small $3

*Good Morning Sunshine - 4 ounces of sun god in a gentle orange & lavender scent, or simply orange: $5

*assorted simple bar soaps are available in Large (a 4.5 ounce rectangle) at $5, or Small (a 2.5 ounce oval) at $3
choose from any of the following ingredients:
lime, lavender, patchouli, lavender & orange, coffee, orange, rosemary, sandalwood, vanilla, rose & geranium, lavender-oatmeal or vanilla-oatmeal, with or without milk, oats, or honey.

All of our soaps are handcrafted with love and all natural ingredients right here in our kitchen, using essential oils, herbs and a vegetarian glycerine base. We use US Priority Mail shipping, at $3.50 for orders under 1 pound, $4 for up to 2 pounds. Soap lovers outside of the US, we'll figure something out... To order, simply drop us an email detailing what you'd like, and we'll get right on it.

*Don't see the soap you're craving? We are open to suggestions. We can custom make all kinds of glycerine soaps, so just let us know (and expect a slight delay).


I accept PayPal, the #1 payment method on eBay!

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