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unschooling resources - a work in progress containing a few broken links, yes, but lots of good stuff, too... I'll update it someday, somehow.

Growing Without Schooling/ John Holt's Bookstore This is a wonderful starting point, with monthly link updates on revolving topics
School Is Dead, Learn In Freedom! for the unschooler's unschooler in all of us
Approaches: An Unschoolerish Approach
Ami's Anti-School Zone a teenaged unschooler's perspective
Family Unschoolers Network
24 Hours With An Unschooling Family

*info that is specific to the South*

Northshore Home Educators a secular homeschooler's group in Louisiana's Slidell area
Louisiana Home Educators Network
Unschooling in Alabama
Sacred Grove Academy Alabama's Pagan homeschool alternative
Atlanta Alternative Education Network
Homeschool Alternatives of Florida

*some interesting family pages*

The Teel Family wacky Alaskans
Universal Minds MORE wacky Alaskans
Charlotte & Alistair's Website adorable homeschooled Brits
the Pillingers Canadian homeschoolers
Desert Trails 7 kids, lots of animals, homeschooling in the Mojave, wow
Heather's Homeschooling Page a mama's page
Turg & Eclipse homeschooling and lots more
Burkholder Webspace this family is very into music...

*especially for teenagers*

Not Back To School Camp a summer camp for teenagers with an unschooled attitude
Grace Llewellyn's Page the author & coordinator of the aforementioned summer camp has further info here

*other major directories for all manner of homeschool stuff*

Revolution at Home: Feminist Homeschoolers
WE Homeschool waldorf education inspired homeschooling
Pagan Homeschool Page a great resource for Pagan & secular homeschoolers
Rose Rock Home School Global Network
Homeschool Find-it
Homeschool Central
A-Z Home's Cool
Jon's Homeschooling Resource Page a tremendous collection of resources