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what is mAmazonCon?

it's a weekend conference for feminist mothers,
their families and their friends. 
it's a chance to relax in an atmosphere free of 
sexism and stupidity, to find like-minded folks,
attend thought provoking workshops and maybe just hang out. 
events so far have included workshops on sexuality & parenting, 
raising anti-racist children in a racist world, make yer own
sex toys, how & why to start a zine, and more; plus a baby
friendly live rock show & relaxed mama's brunch. get involved with 
the nitty gritty planning of future events on the mAmazons email list.

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our first conference, held in May in Burgaw, NC, was a smashing success; our second conference,
in New Orleans last November, was small but powerful.
look for photos and true stories coming soon. meanwhile, be the first on your block to sport a lovely mAmazon t-shirt! the shirts are lavender and feature the rockin' diaper pin logo as seen above, which was, by the way, designed by
Ethan Cruze. $4 gets you one in a very roomy XL. send it via paypal, if you can.

I accept PayPal, the #1 payment method on eBay!

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