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Mamazons: Feminist Mothers Unite     Registration Form
New Orleans Conference    November 8-10, 2002                  

Address_________________________________________State, Zip _____________________
Telephone  ________________________    Alternate Phone #__________________________
Email Address __________________________________________________________________

Children Attending Conference
Name 			        Age		Comments (allergies, fears, special needs, etc.)






Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday, Brunch on Sunday will be provided. 
Please specify any dietary restrictions below. Please print and
please be detailed. (Don't just write vegetarian. Do tell us what
you don't eat. For ex. "NO Red meat, poultry, fish, shellfish,
eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, white sugar, honey." Or
"Allergic to tomatoes, peanuts, etc.") **We will do our best to
accommodate special needs, however, due to time and budget
constraints we won't be able to provide all organic or high end
health food.** ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Events! The basic schedule of the conference looks like this:
Friday registration begins at 5, potluck dinner at 6:30 *local
people, bring food!*
Saturday breakfast begins at 8, welcome and announcements at 10,
workshops I at 10:30, lunch at 12:30, workshops II at 2, workshops III
at 4, child-friendly live rock show at Café Brasil from 6 until 9
Sunday closing brunch at 11
**childcare is provided only for the workshop sessions, additional
location details will be mailed to you after you register, and you
are on your own for Saturday night dinner**
Workshops Please tell us which three of the following workshops is most
interesting to you by circling them. This is only a straw poll!
Anti-Racist Parenting DIY Sex Toys How & Why to Start a Zine
Belly Dancing Activism 101 Sex and Parenting Journaling
Battling Isolation in Parenthood Homeschooling/Unschooling Your Child
Talking With Children About Sex Trauma
Registration Info
*I will be attending with _____ children who will require childcare during the workshop sessions. **We will arrive at the conference and participate in activities from ____Friday Eve. ___Sat AM. ***We are local and would like to assist in the following ways: ____Help with Set Up/Clean Up ___Help with Meals ____Help with Transportation. ____Housing ***We are coming from out of town and would like assistance with the following: ______Housing ______Local Transportation Enclosed is a check for $__________.
This includes ______adults ($30 each before Nov.4/ $35 after)
and ______children ($5 each before Nov.4/ $10 after)
Please send this completed form and payment to Coleen Murphy, 427 Bouny, New Orleans LA, 70114 Or email it to and pay via paypal.

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