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Leif Hardison took this picture of Nash hanging out at a Youth Caucus business meeting in Rochester, NY June 1998; I'm the one feeding him raisins.

here's the best travel sites I've seen

roadside america dot com: for all that is cheesey
youth hostels: they're everywhere
greatest places dot org: for lovers of tibet, greenland, the amazon...
salt lake city, utah: my destination next june
no shit dot com: my favorite!
the world map of live webcams!: my second favorite...
the trip dot com: a trip
lonely planet dot com: much more of a trip
a guide to theme parks: brought to you by mining co.

Nash can relax anywhere, as evidenced in this blurry polaroid of us chillin' with SWIM friends at the King Mango Strut in Coconout Grove, and from the shot below in which he relaxes in the Baskins' Coral Gables hammock; both are from last December. Above, that's Heather, Jeremy, Nash, Coleen, Katie, Julianna, Hannah & Laura.